Welcome to Folkets Hus Gothenburg – a central meeting place.

We offer central and efficient premises for conferences, exhibitions, seminars, entertainment and many other things.

An open and light environment

This is a place where your ideas can develop, be refined and bloom in an open and light environment. Here you have the opportunity to create a platform and inspire your participants to more active forms of collaboration and communication.

We have multifunctional rooms for 20-713 participants. All of them have high standard technology and internet access to support the modern conference. If you should require any special equipment we will rent it along with competence from an internationally recognized technology provider.

From our experienced staff you get personal service, flexible solutions and furnishing suitable to your arrangement. We can also help you with meals to your participants or guest, anything from breakfast and coffee to luxurious lunches and wedding dinners are on our menu.

Please check out our rooms and contact us if you have any questions or wish to make a booking.

Phone +46-31-774 30 00